How to execute a print sample

How to execute a print sample

See how easy it is to execute a print sample with the ci5000 CIJ printer. For this tutorial we have used two pre-programmed fields date dd/mm/yy +1 year and batch code with counter starting at 0.

The ci5000 series full print cabailities include: alpha numerics, logos, graphics, and variety of liner 2D Datamatrix and QR codes; multiple languages; bold; upper and lower case; reverse and inverted printing; rotated character (tower) printing; variable character height and width; sequential nummbering; forward and backward counting; continuous print capabiltity.


Feature focus:

CiPrecisionPlus – optimized speed and print quality settings via smooth step control for accurate drop placement 

High speed printing of up to 9.8m/s – even faster with Micro (10.3m/s) and HS50 (10.6m/s)


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